Who We Are

M2M Corporacion is a Telinvest Ltd company. They have established partnerships with the leading financial firms that allow their existing and future clients to pursuit expansion, mergers, and acquisitions of telecommunications assets.

The Managing Director of Telinvest is Dr. Correa, he studied communications, engineering, and economics, his expertise is the Information Communications, and Tecnology (ICT) sectors. He is also, the CEO of M2M Corporacion and Teletel in Mexico. Dr. Correa was instrumental in providing mergers & acquistions (M&A) advisory services in Europe. He has managed hedge funds and traded stocks of start-up .com and technical companies on Wall Street in New York City.

The Technical Director, is Mr. Erez Shuster, before Telinvest he was with TeleMessage, ECtel, and ECI Telecom. Mr. Shuster is an expert in Revenue Assurance platforms. The Director of Finance and M&A is Mr. Kevin Shamrock, who has been a leading advisor to various governments and who was instrumental in the establishment of financing by Rand Merchant Bank, in addition to World Bank in the Middle East. He was also the lead banker and technical advisor in the introduction of payment processes for major banks, and he is currently engaged in the establishment of hedge funds. Kevin Shamrock has played a major role in mergers and acquisitions of over two billion dollars. Mr. Ramon Otero heads out the technical team and Adolfo Aragoneses is the Direcetor of Sales in Latin America based out of Mexico City.

Telinvest is supported by a vast network of professionals with at least 20 years in the information technology and communications sectors. In addition, a network of financial analysts, and attorneys that are well versed in the practice of laws in the sphere of communications, technology, and intellectual property.

The combined vast experience of the team enables clients turn-key services and solutions.

Mobile Network Operator FCC License

E.214 - NDW MGT 151832

Plattsburg, N.Y.


Our Solutions

M2M & IoT International Roaming

Our MNO global coverage and M2M & IoT connection platforms provide geolocation and location based services for navigation, telemetry and transportation.

Fraud Prevention

We enable verification and authentication of the location of the purchase(s) (with LAC and CID) and the IP location of credit card user in real time.

Geolocation Search & Rescue

Global connections enable us to provide GSM geolocation platforms and location based services to provide accurate solutions for emergency services.