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We have the ability to connect the network of embedded devices with limited CPU, memory and power resources means that IoT finds applications in nearly every field. Such systems could be in charge of collecting information in buildings and factories, thereby finding applications in fields of environmental sensing and urban planning. Intelligent shopping systems, for example, monitor specific users' purchasing habits in a store by tracking their mobile phones. Additional examples of sensing and actuating are reflected in applications that deal with heat, water, electricity and energy management, as well as cruise-assisting transportation systems. Other applications that the Internet of things can provide is enabling extended home security features and home automation.

Client Sectors:

Manufacturing Companies

M2M are providers of M2M & IoT international sponsored roaming.

Banks & Financial Instituitions

We provide geolocation platforms to minimize card not present fraud.

Automotive Manufacturing

M2M provides connections for automotive E911 & navigation systems.

eSIMs & Travel SIMs Providers

eSIMs & IMSIs ranges from the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

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